Drone-based aerial photography and video is ideal for the marketing of property. An elevated perspective allows a property to be shown in its surroundings.

No longer only an option reserved for high-end properties, high quality aerial stills and video is now an affordable option for a wide range of property types.


Commercial & Corporate

Whatever sector your business is involved in, aerial video can add a unique perspective and add enormous value to a promotional video.

Our camera operators have a wealth of experience working in world of commercial video and work closely with directors to acheive their vision.

TV & Film

Drone-based shooting is becoming increasingly popular in TV and film productions of all genres. From majestic reveals to breath-taking vertical perspectives, an airborne camera hugely expands the director’s possible range of viewpoints.

Our camera operators have years of experience working in TV and commercial video production and have fantastic intuition for a truly memorable shots.


Agricultural & Survey

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) provide a relatively affordable and rapid means to assess land, whether it is for agricultural purposes (e.g. crop health, drainage) or for development (e.g. topographic mapping), and environmental (e.g. habitat mapping) purposes.

At Skylark we have a strong scientific background in environmental services and can provide georeferenced 3D computer models using state of the art software.

3D Modelling

We have the capability to generate 3D models of buildings or terrain based on a series of high resolution aerial photographs. The aerials photographs can be combined with ground level photography for even greater levels of detail.

The resultant computer models can be exported in a variety of formats depending on the end usage requirements and may be georeferenced so that accurate measurements can be made.