Fergus Kennedy is an experienced multi rotor pilot and camera operator [BNUC-S course]. He has also had many years experience as a professional photographer and camera operator, shooting land-based and underwater assignments for a wide variety of clients including Canon Europe, The Royal Navy and Sealife Centres.

His work has been broadcast by BBC, HBO and a number other international broadcasters. Fergus also has a scientific background and has worked extensively in surveys and environmental mapping projects.

We provide an efficient and responsive service to our clients. Safety is a key factor at Skylark: We operate strictly within CAA regulations and take all possible measures to maximise the safety of our operations. All pilots have undergone BNUC-S training and hold CAA Permission for Aerial Work.

We have full third party insurance for remotely piloted aerial operations. Our base of operations is in East Sussex, United Kingdom, but we are fully mobile and willing to carry out work throughout the UK and abroad.




Our workhorse aircraft is the ZeroUAV HighOne quadcopter. This state of the art multi-rotor is equipped with the Z1400 3 axis brushless gimbal, allowing silky smooth aerial video, and camera moves that can be controlled by a camera operator on the ground, independently of the the pilot.

The camera on this aircraft is the superb Panasonic GH4, whose outstanding image quality and 4k video belie its small size. The camera can be fitted with a variety of different lenses from extremely wide angle up to a 50mm equivalent, so suit the shooting situation. For still photography, the camera provide fantastically detailed 16 megapixel raw digital images which can be stitched for the construction of 3D digital elevation models (DEMs) or for panoramic images. Timelapse videos are also possible in camera.

The image seen by the camera is transmitted live to ground-based video monitors so the camera operator and client can observe in real-time. Each flight with the HighOne will last  up to 10-15 minutes depending on the nature of the operation, before the battery will have to be changed for a fresh one.


We also operate a larger DJI S1000 Plus, which can be equipped with either a Ronin-M Gimbal which can take a variety of cameras up to 2kg, or the Z15 Gimbal for small cameras such as the GH4. This setup gives us the flexibility to adapt to the needs of the client with a range of camera/lens combinations.

The robust and versatile DJI Phantom 3 Professional can be used in situations where is would be impractical or even impossible to operate a larger aircraft. These might include tight indoor operations, or flying in dense woods for instance.

The Phantom is equipped with an extremely smooth gimbal carrying a camera capable of shooting high quality video up to 4K resolution and still images up to 12 megapixels in both jpeg and raw formats. As with the HighOne, the live video signal can be monitored from the ground. The still images are geotagged, making it a very useful tool for mapping and 3D modelling.